Tutorials & Examples

The best way for getting started with the ACADO Toolkit is to work through the tutorials that can be found here. A collection of examples in C++ can be found in the folder <ACADO_ROOT>/examples.

ACADO for MATLAB users are referred to the folder <ACADO_ROOT>/interfaces/matlab/examples which contains many examples explaining how to use the interface.


Do not use the C++ examples you find on the ACADO website in Matlab, they will not always work although the syntax is very similar.

If you are planning to use ACADO directly from C++ using CMake, here you can find some instructions how to easy achieve that.


ACADO Toolkit comes along with a beta version of the manual in PDF format.

  • Download ACADO Toolkit User's Manual: PDF

  • Download ACADO for Matlab User's Manual: PDF

  • ACADO Toolkit Introductory Talk: PDF

Source Code Documentation

You can browse the ACADO Source Code Documentation online.

Alternatively, you can generate the documentation on your own. On Linux/OS X/Cygwin you can generate documentation by typing ‘make doc‘ in the build folder.

The API documentation for the MATLAB interface can be found here.