Additional support

In case you need help with with your own app, the simplest thing is simply to write to the forum. We are trying to read the forum posts regularly and to respond as soon as possible.

Posts and/or emails simply stating “it does not work” with very little explanation will be treated with low priority.

When you contact us regarding the problems, please do the following:

  • state the code version:

    • send us output of the command: ‘git rev-parse HEAD‘ (this should work in Linux/OS X/Cygwin) or

    • send the contents of the file ‘VERSION.txt‘ if you have downloaded a zip file with the source code.

  • state the nature of the problem and

  • in case you cannot compile the code paste the complete compiler output. We can hardly help you without full error log.

  • in case you are using the MATLAB interface, please execute <ACADO_ROOT>/interfaces/matlab/getversioninformation.m in your command window and send us the result of this function.

Found a bug or you want to get involved? Look here!

The only thing we expect for this kind of support is that you cite us, whenever you use the ACADO toolkit in scientific work (look here for more info).

If you want more help, we are always open for academic or industrial cooperation. An academic cooperation usually takes the form of a co-authorship of a journal paper, and an industrial cooperation involves a negotiated consulting contract. Please contact the us directly via the email if you are interested in this.